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  1. Hello,

    we found your blog very interesting.

    Since we found that you have links to other UFO sites we would like to know if you are interested to link to our site?

    As a courtesy we will backlink to you.

    Best regards.

  2. Josh, I enjoy your Show, but here are some links you might want to check out. Jesus is lord, do not be fooled by the new age brother. Watch ancient alien debunked to get the truth about the Mitchel Hedge Skull
    I will always be a friend to you, you one of the good guys.

  3. Dear Joshua, I have photos to forward you from the skies of Sedona. Day after Easter heavy chemtrailing. I took photos. In the photo a holographic crystal skull appears. When you blow up the photo, a structure of a ship appears. Second photo a white orb appears. Third photo the orb contacts with chemtrail flares out like angel wings. This was on a Monday, day after Easter. And now this story: my friend had stayed overnight at a friends property in the desert outside Sedona. She left at dawn Sunday morning for her home. She is driving on this dirt road when a military convoy appears in front of her. She literally had to pull off the road to let them pass. Four military humvees escorting two flat bed trucks which each carried a large shiny black square-rectangle object. Gee Joshua, what do you think. I need to forward these photos to you. You now have my email and here is my cell 9284515886. I am also contacting Kostas M. at CSETI concerning this. Also, someone tinkered with your audio concerning your 09/17 show. The audio silent after you begin report on shipyard shootings. Much love to you, Arthur…

  4. Do you know that the World Trade Center responders have been dying of chronic radiation sickness?

    A new book on 9/11 is out.

    Dimitri Khalezov has spent 10 years researching and writing a book on what happened during 9/11. The book is now available on the internet. Download links:

    Or read at:

    In a 2010 interview, Khalezov explained that you can’t build a skyscraper in NYC without an approved demolition plan. On 9/11, the WTC’s demolition plan was put into action to demolish the complex.

    Khalezov learned of this demolition plan from his job in the Soviet Union. He had worked in the nuclear intelligence unit and under an agreement between the Soviet Union and the USA, each country was obliged to inform the other of peaceful uses of nuclear explosions. The WTC was constructed with 3 thermo-nuclear charges deep in its foundations.

    Note: underground nuclear explosions do not produce mushroom clouds. This is only ever seen when the explosion takes place above ground. On 9/11, the explosions were deep underground.

    More info (with links to 2010 interview):
    Video # 4 – WTC’s demolition plan
    Video # 14 – WTC 7 (which fell ½ hour AFTER the BBC announced its collapse).
    Videos # 24/25 – chronic radiation sickness of WTC responders
    The videos of this interview can be downloaded from Khalezov’s website:

    Khalezov was interviewed on 4 Sept 2013:

  5. When did Religion take over the UFO topic? The Catholic Church recently said they would welcome our Alien Brothers. I personally do believe in god, however I’m also a thoughtful person and realize demonic entities don’t need space craft, there are so many other ways to present themselves than as several different races of ET beings. These are several different races of extraterrestrial which are not like us and because they’re not like us some people choose to label them all as Fallen Angels/Demon’s. This is just another form of prejudice, don’t we have enough hate on this planet without inventing new enemies to hate. Why would people want to spread hate towards races they know nothing about and have no evidence that THEY ARE ALL Fallen Angles/Demonic? Isn’t it a better idea to work together to determine which ones are good and/or bad without preconceived notions based on someone else’s opinion or wrong interpretation?.