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First Contact Radio 12/20/16 Show #1568 hosted by Joshua Poet

Cosmic Weather
Moon Cat Astrology
Moon phases for Los Angeles
Jewish Calendar

UFO News
UFO Fleet Moving Toward Beach Over Lake Michigan On 9-26-2016
Black Helicopter in Pursuit of UFO – Video
Woman Abducted Near Area 51, Reveals Everything
REAL ANGELS Are Watching Over Us! Angels Caught On Camera

Daily Stories
The Electors Vote: December 19, 2016
Trump’s Victory Is a Pivotal Turning Point in Human History
Donald Trump Will Be 70 Years, 7 Months And 7 Days Old On First Full Day In Office As President
Meet Faith Spotted Eagle, who received one Washington state elector’s presidential vote
Snow in the SAHARA: Desert sees snow for the FIRST time in 37 years
How To Create Your Abundant Future
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