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First Contact Radio 12/8/16 Show #1563 hosted by Joshua Poet

Cosmic Weather
Moon Cat Astrology
Moon phases for Los Angeles
Jewish Calendar

UFO News
UFO Forms Giant Worm Hole Over Norway Turning Night Into Day, Dec 2016
UFO Over Derbyshire, UK Excites Snapchat Eyewitnesses On Dec 2016
Retired Area 51 Employee Gets Drunk in Vegas and Tells the Truth
Another Former Air Force Officer Shares Their UFO Encounter In A British Forest

Daily Stories
Federal judge halts recount, sealing Trump’s Michigan win
WashPost admits its “fake news” story … is FAKE!
Black employees file class-action lawsuit against CNN, Turner
Trump chooses pro wrestling magnate Linda McMahon to head SBA
Assange Testimony
You Made A Plan Before You Were Born – Your Pre-Birth Plan
9 Of The Most Common Health Conditions And Their Psychospiritual Causes
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